The movement of Freight is an important factor when discussing transportation infrastructure, growth, and safety. Freight transportation moves our cars, coal, clothing, goods, and just about anything found in the home from manufacturer to distribution to point of sale. In today’s age of computers and the internet, economies still rely on the movement of goods and services to keep commerce active and healthy. Like all MPOs around the country, economic development and transportation are tied together and priorities in the planning process. The WFMPO added this category to improve information pertaining to the movement of freight/cargo to ensure issues associated with it are continually addressed.

The Wichita Falls urbanized areas is land locked and has no access to major river or ocean cargo. It is also limited in regard to commercial air freight. So when discussing the WFMPO and Freight that means land based freight movement, trains and trucks. On roadways, highways, and in urban centers, transport trucks add to growing issues of mobility, congestion, parking, and accessibility. Analysis of Freight in metropolitan areas from the perspective of economic development, transportation infrastructure, safety, and congestion mitigation are major concerns.

Burlington Northern & Santa Fe (BNSF) — This track was originally built by the Fort Worth & Denver City Railway and arrived in Wichita Falls in 1882. The line runs from Fort Worth, through Wichita Falls, Childress, Amarillo, and Dalhart, to Texline and a connection with the former Colorado & Southern. It runs through town in a general southeast to northwest direction.

Wichita, Tillman & Jackson (WTJ) — Operates tracks originally built by the Wichita Falls & Northwestern from Wichita Falls to Altus, Oklahoma. This was once the Northwestern District of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas. The railroad’s name identifies the counties it operates in Texas (Wichita) and Oklahoma (Tillman & Jackson). This line connects to the BNSF on the north side of the Wichita River and then runs in a generally north direction to the city of Burkburnett and the Red River.

Union Pacific (UP) — Operates via track rights over the BNSF from Fort Worth to Wichita Falls, for deliveries to the WTJ, and from Fort Worth to Dalhart and a connection with the former Rock Island Golden State Route.


The WFMPO strives to improve its Public Information Process. Freight is an area of transportation planning that has been identified as a priority. If you have comments or suggestions, please let us know.

  • Help improve access to information for the movement of cargo and freight
  • More actively include Freight and Freight related issues into the MPO planning process
  • Monitor the movement of cargo and analyze its impact, future growth, and demands