Transportation Policy Board (TPC)

Tim Short, Chairperson, Wichita Falls Mayor

Bobby Whiteley, City Council Representative

Cory Glassburn, Lakeside City Mayor

Larry Nelson, City Council Representative

Dennis Wilde, NORTEX Regional Planning Commission

Jeff Watts, Pleasant Valley Representative

Mike Beaver, TxDOT District Engineer

Russell Schreiber, Director of Public Works

Jim Johnson, Vice Chairperson, Wichita County Judge

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

Lin Barnett, MPO Director & TAC Chairperson

Monty Brown, TxDOT Director of Construction

Callan Coltharp, TxDOT Area Engineer

David Rohmer, TxDOT Director of Operations

Karen Montgomery Gagne, CWF Community Development Planning Administrator

Doug Wooster, CWF Traffic Superintendent

Scot Reaves, TxDOT Director of Transportation Planning & Development

Terry Floyd, CWF Director of Development Services