The Aviation Division operates two public airports. Wichita Falls Municipal Airport services scheduled and non-scheduled commercial flights and private aircraft. Kickapoo Downtown Airport services local and transient general aviation aircraft.


The movement of Freight is an important factor when discussing transportation infrastructure, growth and safety. Freight transportation moves our cars, coal, clothing, goods and just about anything found in the home from manufacturer to distribution to point of sale.

Driving & Roads

Our goal is to provide the best transportation and emergency management services using our collective resources, to provide real time incident management, share information and road condition data to first responders and partnering agencies, and maximize safety and mobility to the public.

Pedestrians and Biking

The movement of people within the MPO is an integral link in the region’s transportation system. The provision for safety and ease of flow throughout the region for these two modes of travel (pedestrians and bicyclists) receives on-going evaluation. Properly developed and maintained bicycle and pedestrian facilities enhance the quality of life for the entire community.


Public Transportation operates a Route Deviation/Demand Response system to provide mass transit service for the public of Wichita Falls. Buses can deviate 1/4 mile to pick-up or drop-off passengers. Service is available Monday through Saturday.